What Tarot Cards Represent Hades? | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Hades is an archetype in tarot cards and is usually depicted as a regal god with a dark beard. More often than not, he is depicted in one of two ways: as either Aidoneus, who is the king of the underworld and holds a bird-tipped scepter; or as Plouton, who is considered the giver of wealth and is pouring fertility from a cornucopia.

What Tarot Cards Represent Hades

The Romans named Hades Dis, or Pluto. The latter is the Latin form of his Greek title Plouton, which also means “the lord of the riches.” Hades is also considered very stern and rather grim, and his realm is the unconscious.

What Tarot Cards Represent Hades? Every archetype has two corresponding tarot cards: one from the minor arcana and one from the major arcana. Two cards that represent the god Hades are the King of Pentacles and the Hermit.

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Who Is Hades?

Hades is not only god of the underworld but was basically a recluse. He was without a persona and unaware of what was happening in the world, but despite his reputation, he was not evil or even a tempter of evil. Hades preferred his interior world and was considered Mr. Hyde to Zeus’ Dr. Jekyll because he was introverted and very secretive.

He was also emotionless but a dreamer. And while both Zeus and Poseidon forced women sexually on a regular basis, Hades got the bad reputation simply because the other two gods got away with it.

When Hades wanted a bride, he petitioned his brother Zeus to give him one of his daughters, and Zeus offered him Persephone, whose mother was Demeter. Since he knew that Demeter wouldn’t agree to the transaction, Hades abducted the girl instead. Demeter then caused a famine to occur on the earth until her daughter was returned, but once Persephone was returned, she had tasted the pomegranate seed and therefore had to return to Hades for a portion of each year from that point on.

The King of Pentacles Card

The King of Pentacles is stable and has enough experience to share with everyone. He is responsible and detail-oriented, and he is usually rich materially. When it comes to strong character, the King of Pentacles outshines nearly everyone. But he is also the master of the material world and loves the finer things in life, even though he doesn’t let it get out of hand.

Instead of being attracted to money per se, he loves it for the security and peace of mind that it brings him.

The King of Pentacles card helps you develop the skills you need to manage your affairs more efficiently. The king helps you realize that if you work hard you can meet the challenges of the material world. He tells you to donate a lot of your time and money because what you give out should come back to you in much bigger form. The king inspires people and encourages you to inspire people in return. People who are struggling with money or economic issues often look to the King of Pentacles card for assistance.

The Hermit Card

The Hermit represents looking inside of yourself for the answers, especially when you’re wondering about the purpose of your life and the nature of your existence. The answers to these dilemmas are not found in the physical world but only inside of a person. Just as with the Hermit, you need to withdraw from the world and look at your very soul for the answers to your questions. To be successful at this, you have to rid yourself of both inner and outer turmoil so that your answers come to you a lot more clearly.

Basically, the Hermit calls on people to learn more about themselves with true effort and commitment in order to get the answers you need. He wants you to know that when you have doubts about anything, you can rest assured that the wisdom you need is already inside of you. But you have to seek out the wisdom in order to find it. After all, the best teachers don’t just tell their students the answers to the students’ questions; they help them find the wisdom they’re searching for in order to be successful.


Hades is an archetype in a tarot card reading and is often represented as the King of Pentacles or the Hermit card. Despite the name, Hades was not evil or even tempted by evil. He showed little to no emotion ever but was still considered a dreamer.

He was the brother of Zeus and preferred his interior world to the outside world, much the same as the Hermit who recommends that you look inside of yourself for answers to the questions about life.

Hades was king of the underworld but was essentially a recluse. Learning the cards that represent Hades helps you help lots of different clients, especially those who aren’t sure where they’re going in life. 

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