What Tarot Card Represents a Doctor? | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When it comes to cards that represent a doctor or some type of health issue, just know that there are quite a few of them. Many times, a client will come to you with a health-related issue that needs to be resolved, and turning over certain cards allows you to provide them with an accurate and truthful answer.

What Tarot Card Represents a Doctor

As with all other cards, it takes practice and good intuitive skills to know what each of these cards means, but once you get familiar with them, it can make your day when they show up in your spread. Below are a handful of tarot cards that can symbolize a doctor or health and medicine.

What Tarot Card Represents a Doctor? Some of the cards that represent medical help include the Fool card, the Magician card, the High Priestess card, the Emperor, the Empress, and the Hierophant card. Others also have this meaning, but these are great cards to start out with when health and medicine is what you’re trying to find out about in your tarot cards. Below are descriptions of some of these cards.

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The Fool Card

The Fool card can mean several different things. First of all, it can mean that the client will experience unexpected health problems, but problems that aren’t that severe. It can also mean that they’re going to experience health problems specifically related to the client not paying enough attention to their overall health.

In these cases, the client’s risky behaviour or even their lifestyle is often to blame for all of their health problems, so they should be much more careful in the future.

The Magician Card

The Magician card represents doctors; in particular, professionals and specialists. The card is usually telling the client to trust the doctors because they are the experts when it comes to health.

Mental tension, too much multitasking, or even overthinking is likely the cause of the client’s health problems. When you draw this card, the clients need to look at both traditional and newer approaches to their medical problems.

The High Priestess Card

This card represents the client should take a holistic approach to their health problems, which includes both physical and psychological methods. For these problems, the client should consider all types of doctors, including specialists, therapists, professionals, endocrinologists, etc. They might be suffering with psychosomatic (psychological in cause) ailments or ailments that are tension-related. The client should listen to their inner voice and trust their body for the right answers.

For female clients, this card could symbolize irregular cycles, migraines, anemia, or hormonal imbalances as the main reasons for their medical issues.

The Empress Card

The Empress card has to do with food allergies, eating disorders, bad diets, or even pregnancy. If you draw this card, the client should nurture themselves and take better care of themselves both physically and psychologically.

They should consider herbal remedies when possible, as well as anti-aging treatments, aesthetic surgery, and various beauty non-invasive treatments. It can also mean medical problems with the throat, thyroid glands, and even the vocal cords.

The Emperor Card

Health problems associated with the Emperor card include blood pressure, muscle tension, overall stress, and being a workaholic. It means that the client is in good health overall but there are potential problems that might get in the way, and these could include inflammation or even problems with their eyes or sight.

They need to be disciplined when it comes to following the doctor’s advice, and they’ll enjoy positive health if they are already healthy.

The Hierophant Card

When you pull the Hierophant card, it means the client should follow a more traditional approach with any medical problems they may be having, including physicians, counselors, psychiatrists, and therapists. They should stay away from unverified advice or alternative doctors and stick with traditional medicine regardless of what the problem is.

Obesity could be one of the causes of their medical problems, as could ailments such as a slow metabolism, stomach and bowel issues, bad eating habits and bad diet, and even problems with the liver.


Other tarot cards that could symbolize something medical or doctor-related include the Lovers, the Chariot, the Strength card, the Hermit, the Hanged Man, the Justice card, the Wheel of Fortune card, the Temperance card, the Death card, the Tower, the Star, the Moon, and Judgment, among others. Each card needs to be looked at as part of the spread and taken along with what the client has told you about the situation.

You’ll likely find that a lot of clients will come to you with medical concerns, so learning how to read these cards can help those clients with all sorts of medical issues. Whether you’re telling them to take care of their physical ailments or their emotional issues, the cards you draw can help point them in the right direction, and they’re very easy to read once you learn a few basics about them.

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