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  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and today are looked at mainly as a way to help solve problems or simply be entertained. Few people take the reading of tarot cards that seriously, and some people with certain religious beliefs even consider them evil. But are tarot cards supernatural or demonic in any way?

Is Tarot Supernatural?

Are Tarot Cards Supernatural?

For all practical purposes, tarot cards are not really supernatural. In fact, they are simply cards with impressive artwork on them, and they consist of 78 cards broken down into certain categories. Any “supernatural” attribute they might have is the product of the reader’s ability to interpret the cards a certain way.

Why Do People Go to Tarot Card Readers?

Life is filled with uncertainties, especially in the post-COVID world, and just as with other unique ways to tell the future and get help making life decisions, tarot cards have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Many people consider tarot cards pseudoscience, but in the right hands, they are anything but.

While some people visit tarot card readers to predict the future, most of them do so for one of two reasons: to help them make important decisions affecting the present and as a simple form of entertainment and fun. In either case, it is the card reader’s ability to interpret the cards that produce certain outcomes, not the deck of cards itself.

Some Interesting Historical Facts About Tarot Cards

When you look at the history of tarot cards, you’ll learn that two things influenced the practice, starting with French 18th- and 19th-century occultists who believed that tarot cards were of ancient Jewish or Egyptian magical traditions. While this isn’t true, the belief allowed occultists and card readers to believe that the cards did indeed have powers that allowed the readers to tell the future.

Another occurrence that influenced the popularity of tarot cards — this time in a negative way and not a positive one — was the action by politicians and police to outlaw the use of tarot cards in places such as France and other countries. They did this mostly as a way to protect the public against fraud, which they believed tarot cards were.

Whether you believe tarot cards hold the power to help you make the right decisions in life or are evil and inspired by the devil, there’s no denying that they are as popular now as ever before. But again, the effectiveness of tarot cards is influenced more by the skill of the card reader than anything else, not to mention the customer’s interpretation of the things the reader has to say.

In fact, when people considered fortune-tellers originally began practising their craft, they didn’t always use tarot cards. Instead, most of them used a regular 52-card deck of playing cards. This was done mostly because regular playing cards were much cheaper, and it meant that some of the most important tarot cards — namely, the cards known as the Major Arcana — were left out of the fortune-telling process.

Keep in mind that the meanings of the tarot cards can change slightly depending on the deck of cards itself. In addition, most of the cards have more than one potential meaning, so the reader must know how to read the cards properly so that they make sense to you and also apply to your life.

What About Today’s Tarot Card Clients?

In many cities across the globe today, tarot card readers can accept donations but are not allowed to charge a certain amount for their services. This is because the law is still trying to protect an unsuspecting public from fraud, but many of today’s tarot clients either don’t believe that the cards have any real power or they simply don’t care because they are visiting a tarot card reader for entertainment purposes only.

In addition, many clients now seek the help of a tarot card reader in order to get answers and assistance with current problems and not because they want readers to interpret their future. In the 1990s, many sociologists and psychologists claimed that seeking help from a tarot card reader was so popular because it is a form of therapy for the client.

And clients do seek out these services for numerous reasons, from helping to find a lost object to deciding which job to accept, and so much more. Of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t tarot card readers who are out to defraud their clients. They do in fact exist, but there are lots more readers out there who have real skill and can legitimately and appropriately read their tarot cards to help the client.


As you can see, tarot cards are not supernatural or demonic in any way. At the end of the day, they are just cards and nothing else. And even when you do come across a legitimate and skilled card reader, the cards themselves still have no power on their own. Can tarot card readers use their skill to frighten and lie to the client? In theory, yes, but if they want to make money and build up a legitimate business, they wouldn’t dream of doing this to anyone.

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