Should I Name My Tarot Deck? ANSWERED | Helpful Tarot Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Tarot card decks and beautiful, mysterious cards, and each singular card carries its own name and meaning, but you may have wondered, can you name your whole tarot deck? In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about tarot deck names, including the positives, the negatives, and everything in between!

Should I Name My Tarot Deck? Naming your tarot deck is perfectly fine. When you name your tarot deck, you can connect more strongly with it, but it’s important to remember that your tarot deck is an extension of you and not its own entity entirely. 

Whether it be a new deck that you are adding to your arsenal, or a tried-and-true deck you feel yourself losing connection with, naming a tarot deck is a lovely way to connect more truly with the cards. 

The biggest pitfall in naming a deck is accidentally assigning a personality to it and using that false personality to ascribe meaning to cards and readings.

Read on to discover the magic of naming your tarot deck!

Why Should I Name My Tarot Deck?

should i name my tarot deck

There is power in a name; real, tangible power. This is true for more than just our own names. When we assign names to things that are meaningful to us, we are giving them a part of ourselves. This goes for children, pets, and yes, even your tarot deck. 

Some tarot users say that their tarot decks name themselves, and while this isn’t unheard of, it’s more likely that the power of your tarot deck is showing you the name you wish it to have. Your deck is an extension of you! 

How To Find My Tarot Decks Name?

Tarot users commonly use more than one tarot deck. For example, it’s useful to have a deck for general readings, a deck for self readings, and a deck for love readings. Each of these types of readings has certain emotions attached to them. These emotions can help determine your deck’s names. 

Finding out your deck’s name often comes from some form of self-reflection. 

A few ways to open yourself to hearing your deck’s name are:

  • Meditation with your deck
  • Sleeping with your cards near you
  • Examine each card individually

Of all these methods, the Interview Spread is one of the most useful for getting to know your deck in a much deeper, more meaningful way.

The Interview Spread is a 6 card spread that allows you to ask your deck questions that will strengthen your working relationship, therefore opening the connection between you and the deck enough that a name will come to you much easier. 

What Kind Of Names Can A Tarot Deck Have?

A tarot card deck name can come in many formats. Some decks will carry traditional names, like Lavender for a deck the brings you calmness or Luna for a deck full of feminine power. These names have a deeper meaning, but are still considered normal names.

Other decks may connect with a more purpose-built name, something that describes them instead of a proper noun name. For example, a deck used only for love readings could be called The Aphrodite Deck. 

Whatever name that strikes a chord with you regarding your deck is perfect, even if it seems silly at times. Remember, your tarot deck may feel alive and buzzing with energy, but it doesn’t have a preference for its name. 

Why Shouldn’t I Name My Tarot Deck?

Naming a tarot deck isn’t dangerous or inappropriate, but it can have some negative effects, especially for amateur tarot readers that may not have a firm grasp on the relationship with their deck. 

The biggest downfall is the potential of assigning too much personality to the tarot deck and using that personality to incorrectly interpret a reading. 

How Can A Name Negatively Affect My Deck? 

A deck that you have fed positive energy into from day one can definitely feel alive and like its own entity, but the reality is that your decks are part of you, and any energy you feel from them is your own energy radiating back to you. 

Because of this living deck misconception, some users may think of their decks as ‘sassy’ or ‘defiant’, and the idea of a deck behaving a certain way because of a personality trait can cause readers to interpret their cards incorrectly. When read defiantly, a positive reading can seem sarcastic or ill-intentioned. 

Just remember, a tarot deck’s name won’t influence the meaning of its cards. The most a name can do is to encourage general energy, like love or strength, to the deck as a whole. 

What If My Tarot Deck Never Has A Name?

It’s totally fine for a tarot deck to never be named! Naming is just one of many ways to forge a stronger, more pure connection with your deck.

 If a name never presents itself to you, then your deck was never meant to have one in the first place. 

In Conclusion

Naming your tarot deck can be a fun way to strengthen a tarot reader’s relationship with their cards,

and ascribe a label to what that specific deck may be used for, like love readings or general readings. 

If your deck never resonates with a name, there is nothing to be concerned about.

 If you do sense a name for your deck, just make sure that you temper your expectations of what your deck’s name will change, and you can bond even closer with your deck with no ill consequences. 

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