Easiest Tarot Spreads to Learn | A Guide For Beginners

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Whilst there are many different Tarot spreads which you could learn along your journey, the three easiest are the one-card pull, the three-card pull, and the Celtic Cross.

Within this article, we will talk about these three spreads, how to perform them, and what they can mean. 

Easiest Tarot Spreads to Learn

One-card pull

The one-card pull is the easiest Tarot spread to learn.

To do a one-card reading, you should start by spreading the cards in front of you and then hovering your hand gently above the cards. Then, choose the card which is calling to you the loudest.

You can then study the card and listen to what it is trying to tell you. For example, if you pulled The Lovers, then perhaps you should focus on inner and outer relationships, duality, and compromise. 

You can use this spread as a daily meditation in order to help you further understand your surroundings, emotions, and choices.

Three-Card Pull

Another popular basic spread is the three-card pull. Many people use this spread as part of a wider self-care routine, or for when they don’t want to do a full reading. It can offer a little spiritual support whilst helping you to learn more about the greater world of Tarot.

You could use the three-card pull to reflect on the week that has just passed, on any issues you’re trying to overcome, or as a general advice when you don’t know what you’re looking for.

How to Read a Three-Card Pull

The most common three-card Tarot reading is used to read the past, present, and future. To do a reading using this method, you will first need to spread the cards. Then, you will read them from left to right.

You may want to do this reading regularly, perhaps on a weekly basis. If so, the Past card will reflect the week just gone and the Future card will represent the following week.

Role of Major Arcana in the Three-Card Pull

Pay special attention to the major arcana cards in the three-card pull, as these will highlight the whole reading.

For example, if you get The Fool, then this could signify new beginnings or adventure.

Other Readings for the Three-Card Pull

Alternatively, you could use this spread to read:

  • The mind, body, spirit
  • Situation, action, outcome
  • Idea, process, aspiration
  • Strengths, weaknesses, advice
  • Opportunities, challenges, outcome
  • You, relationship, partner
  • What brings you together, what pulls you apart, and the solution

You would read these in the same way as mentioned above.

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

Another popular Tarot spread is the Celtic Cross. Whilst this one is a little more complicated, with guidance and attention, you should be able to pick it up pretty easily.

This is a ten-card spread which can provide comprehensive answers to many different questions and topics. It breaks down a situation piece-by-piece, making it easier to read.

A big bonus of the Celtic Cross is that you can use it even when you don’t have a particular question you would like answered.

How to Read a Celtic Cross

To lay out the Celtic Cross, you will have six cards on the left hand side in a cross shape, and four cards in a staff shape on the right.

The cross offers a picture of everything that may be happening in your life, both internal and external. The staff represents your life outside this situation.

Starting with the cross and ending with the staff, the cards represent:

  1. The present/ self: What is currently happening, the current state of mind
  2. The problem: The challenge that you may currently be facing
  3. The past: Past events and how they affect the current situation
  4. The future: If nothing changes, this may be the short-term future
  5. Conscious: What you are currently focusing on. May include goals, desires, and assumptions
  6. Unconscious: Feelings, beliefs, and values that you may not yet realize
  7. Influence: How you see yourself and how this can influence the situation
  8. External influence: The social and emotional environment surrounding you
  9. Hopes and fear: Represents what you secretly desire, along with what they are trying to avoid
  10. Outcome: A summary of all the previous cards


There are many different spreads that you will use along your Tarot journey, and the above three will likely stay with you the whole way.

When you’re fifty years down the line and using complicated spreads such as the nine-card box spread, be sure that you don’t forget the humble one-card pull!

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