Best Tarot Card Spreads for Bloggers | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When you’re a blogger whose website is there to teach others about the art of tarot card reading, there is always a lot to write about. You’ll want variety in your blogs, and one of the things you’ll want to write about are the many different spreads available for readers. Here is a subject that all tarot card readers will be interested in, whether they are beginners or more experienced. If you’re curious about the types of spreads to write about, the best thing to do is write about many different types of spreads, from the easiest to the most complex.

What Are The Best Tarot Card Spreads for Bloggers? For bloggers, it’s a good idea to stick with a variety of spreads, as well as spreads that are fairly common and easy to learn so they’ll appeal to everyone. Various 3-card spreads and question-and-answer spreads are a great place to start.

Best Tarot Card Spreads for Bloggers

The 3-Card Spread

There are various ways to do a 3-card spread, and one of the most popular spreads is the past/present/future spread. For straightforward readings, 3-card spreads can be linked to any subject you like. When you’re doing a 3-card spread, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself by paying attention to all 78 cards at once. Instead, you can try practicing with only the 22 major arcana cards and not the others.

The past will tell you what has led you to your current situation, the present is what’s happening now and how you can decide to act, and the future tells you how the first two cards will combine and affect the outcomes. The spread also helps readers learn more about tarot itself.

The Question and Answer Reading Spread

This is a 5-card spread that can be broken down as follows:

Card 1: You and the present situation

Card 2: Which action you can take while in this situation

Card 3: Any challenges and obstacles you will face

Card 4: The outcome to the previous three things

Card 5: The effect related to you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

Keep in mind that this spread should be based on yes-or-no questions. The fifth card always shows you how that choice will affect your life afterward. Once the fifth card is revealed, it will give you an idea of how effective the first four cards are at telling you what you need to know and making the right decision.

The Celtic Cross Spread

This is a traditional spread that is based on 10 cards and making a giant cross. Here are what the cards are there to tell you:

Card 1: Your present situation

Card 2: Anything that impacts the situation either negatively or positively

Card 3: What you should consider doing right now

Card 4: Any hidden factors

Card 5: The past and how it affects your current situation

Card 6: The step you could take next

Card 7: How you consider yourself as an individual

Card 8: How others tend to act toward you

Card 9: All of your worries and dreams

Card 10: The outcome of cards 1 to 9

While the Celtic cross spread is good for numerous readings, it is especially helpful if the client is seeking a new direction in their life.

The Week Ahead Spread

This spread is a 7-card spread, and each of the cards represents a different day, starting with card 1 for Monday, card 2 for Wednesday, card 3 for Friday, card 4 for Sunday, card 5 for Tuesday, card 6 for Thursday, and card 7 for Saturday. This spread is very easy and, therefore, makes the perfect spread to practice because you can do it over and over again as often as you like.

The Week Ahead spread is a good one for mapping out what to expect for the week ahead and is an easy one to learn even for beginners. You’ll pull the Significator, then place it down on the table first, and that card will represent the gist of the reading and how it is connected to the remainder of the cards.


Bloggers should write about a variety of different tarot card spreads, not to mention a lot of them that are both good for beginners and for more-experienced readers. The easier ones are simpler to write about in the blog, but since tarot card readers of all experience levels will be reading the blog, you should also throw in some spreads that are a little more challenging.

In short, bloggers who write articles as a tarot card reader have a lot of choices when it comes to the information that’s in those articles. You’ll definitely want to write articles about more than just tarot spreads, but writing about spreads is very helpful because this is something that all tarot card readers want to learn about. The good news is, you’ll always have a lot of options when you decide to write about tarot card spreads.

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