What Tarot Card Represents Artemis? | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When you’re reading tarot cards, each card means something different, and the skilled reader can tell exactly what those meanings are. Every card in the major arcana has something that symbolizes an archetype, and just to review, archetypes are inborn and innate thoughts that we all possess deep within our subconscious.

What Tarot Card Represents Artemis

Artemis is considered one of these archetypes. Archetype cards in the major arcana include the priestess, judgment, the lovers, the hanged man, and death, among others, while those in the minor arcana include wands (earth), pentacles (air), cups (water), and swords (fire).

What Tarot Card Represents Artemis? The cards most associated with Artemis are the nines, the high priestess, the temperance card, and the page of wands. Each archetype has two cards from the major arcana and two cards from the minor arcana. As with other tarot cards, the archetypes are there to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Who Is Artemis?

Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and is also known as Diana to the Romans. She was the goddess of hunting, wilderness, and wild animals. She is also a goddess of childbirth and the protector of the girl child up to the age of marriage. She had a twin brother named Apollon, who was the protector of the boy child. Most depictions of Artemis show her dressed in a knee-length chiton and carrying a hunting bow and some arrows. Some also show a deer or similar animal nearby.

In many ways, Artemis can be thought of as a feminist. She was extremely independent and belonged to no man. When she was a child, her father Zeus asked her what she wanted in life. She responded that she only wanted to run free in the woods with her hounds and “never, ever marry.”

Her main goal was to separate from men and their influence, and to feel completely whole without leaning on a man. She was competent and cared about powerless women and the young, and she felt very strongly about her causes and principles.

What Can the Artemis Card Say to You?

Artemis represents selfhood, and the card always shows her shooting an arrow of selfhood into your life. She wants you to focus on yourself and wants you to know that you are being taken care of and that what you’re dealing with will end well. If the Artemis card is drawn, ask some questions of the client. Has she been concentrating too much on others’ needs instead of her own? How long has it been since she took time to nurture herself? Does she feel that it’s wrong to pay attention to and take care of herself?

The Artemis card is usually saying that the client needs to concentrate on herself more and to pay attention to her own needs for a change. She is also saying that the client cannot expect to reach her goals if she doesn’t have a self from which to shoot. A good “taking yourself back” ritual could include to get into a comfortable position, close your eyes, and inhale and exhale slowly and methodically. Then, take a look at your body and ask yourself if there are any “missing pieces.”

Giving too much of yourself will leave missing pieces, and you have to sense or feel those missing pieces coming back to you in order to feel whole again. You can even name your pieces when you’re finished taking them back in order to reinforce your boundaries.

Because of Artemis’ extreme independence and her complete devotion to the girl child in all of us, this is a great ritual to complete after you learn the meaning of this card.

Other meanings can include: the worst is now behind you, your future is going to be great, you and your family will continue to be safe and happy. This somewhat tomboyish goddess is there to give all females a boost of self-confidence so they can move forward into the future and feel good about it.


Cards associated with Artemis include the page of wands, the nines, the high priestess, and the temperance card. Artemis is an archetype that is represented and symbolized in all major arcana cards and four minor arcana cards.

Learning to recognize them and learn what they mean can help your client, or even yourself if you are doing your own reading. The main point of an Artemis card is to tell a female that she’s got this and she can proceed with her life with confidence because she has the help of this special goddess.

Many believe that cards that represent Artemis and a sign to females that they can accomplish a lot more in life if they choose independence over dependence on a man or anyone else. This card appeals to feminists and is appreciated by all women because it shows them that they can accomplish anything if they make the decision to do just that.

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