6 Of Cups And Love Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What 6 Of Cups Means For Your Love Life

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 18 January 2023
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Finding meaning in your tarot readings can be tricky. This is especially true for love. Understanding what The 6 Of Cups card means in regards to your love can be hard to decipher, however there are some interpretations that you may need to be aware of.

In this guide I hope to show you some of the common interpretations of The 6 Of Cups, in a variety of settings and subjects!

The meaning of a card can change depending on whether you drew it upright, or reversed, so I will cover both instances, as the meanings can vary wildly!

Lets take a closer look at The 6 Of Cups.

6 Of Cups And Love Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What 6 Of Cups Means For Your Love Life

6 Of Cups And Love – An Overview

The 6 Of Cups tarot card is an indication of nostalgia, innocence and reunions.

As such, it can be a positive omen for health, suggesting that one should take the time to reconnect with their past.

This might mean taking the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, family members, or even places that have special meaning to them.

It can also be a reminder that returning to old habits and practices can be beneficial to both physical and mental health.

Taking the time to reconnect can bring a sense of balance and peace to one’s life and help foster a healthier lifestyle.

Upright Meanings For 6 Of Cups And Love

What It Means For Me

The 6 of Cups tarot card is a symbol of nostalgia and innocence when it comes to love.

It can represent an old flame coming back into your life, a chance to rekindle a lost connection, or a reunion with a loved one after a long separation.

It also symbolizes the giving and receiving of gifts as acts of love, or a desire to revive the past with a renewed sense of innocence.

In any case, this card speaks of the chance to find comfort in memories of the past, while also looking to the future with hope and optimism.

What It Means For The Future

The 6 of Cups tarot card is a sign of nostalgia, gifts, innocence and reunions in the context of love.

This card predicts a future where your love life will be filled with warmth, joy, and tender moments.

You will likely find yourself drawn to a person who reminds you of your past or someone from your childhood.

This could be someone you were once close to, but lost contact with or even a completely new person.

Through this person, you will find an emotional connection that will be filled with love, kindness, and compassion.

You will feel a sense of nostalgia and comfort when you are in their presence, and you will be filled with joy and contentment.

This person will bring you gifts of love and affection, as well as a feeling of innocence and pureness.

Finally, you and your partner will share many reunions and happy moments together, and you will look forward to these times when you can be together and share your love for each other.

What It Means For Those Close To You

The 6 of Cups tarot card speaks of nostalgia and reunions, which is a wonderful reminder of the love that I feel for those close to me.

It speaks of innocence and the gifts that I receive from them, be it in the form of kind words, thoughtful gestures, or simply spending time together.

It reminds me that these relationships are precious and that it’s important to cherish them and keep them strong.

It helps me to recognize the importance of giving back to those special people in my life, and that the love that I feel for them is mutual and will never fade.

Reversed Meanings For 6 Of Cups And Love

What It Means For Me

When the reversed 6 of Cups appears in a love Tarot reading, it suggests that it may be time to move forward from the past.

This card is a reminder to let go of any lingering feelings of nostalgia or regret that may be holding you back from pursuing a new relationship.

It may also indicate that you are in need of a fresh start, and that it is time to bury the past and move forward into something more meaningful.

The reversed 6 of Cups can also symbolize a new beginning in love.

It suggests that you may find yourself in a situation where you can learn from past mistakes and create a more fulfilling relationship.

It encourages you to let go of any preconceived notions of what you think a relationship should be and to open up to the possibilities of something new.

This card can also be a sign that it’s time to take a chance and trust in the potential of a new and exciting love.

What It Means For The Future

When the reversed 6 of Cups appears in a reading in regards to future love, it suggests that the relationship will be based on experience and maturity, rather than nostalgia or innocence.

The card may indicate that a person will be entering a relationship with someone they already know, either from the past or from current acquaintances.

It could be an old flame that has come back into their life, or an older, wiser partner they have become close with.

This person will bring with them a sense of understanding and stability that will be invaluable to the relationship.

When it comes to gifts, the reversed 6 of Cups suggests that the person will be entering a relationship where both partners are able to give and receive in equal measure.

The gifts exchanged may not be materialistic in nature, but rather could be acts of kindness and thoughtful gestures.

This relationship will be based on mutual respect and appreciation, rather than one partner giving more than the other.

The reversed 6 of Cups indicates that both partners will be generous with their love and attention, creating a strong bond between them.

What It Means For Those Close To You

When the reversed 6 of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, it can indicate that one may be feeling a lack of love from those close to them.

This could be the result of a recent argument that has caused a rift between you and your loved ones, or it could simply be an indication that you may be feeling a bit disconnected because of lack of communication or time spent together.

This card can also represent a lack of appreciation for one another, as well as a lack of understanding or empathy.

In terms of relationships, the reversed 6 of Cups can be a warning that there may be some unresolved issues between you and your partner, and that these need to be addressed in order to keep the relationship healthy and strong.

On the other hand, the reversed 6 of Cups can also indicate that those close to you may be feeling disconnected from you in some way.

This could be the result of a positive shift in your life, such as taking on new responsibilities or accomplishments, which may have caused them to feel neglected or unimportant.

If this is the case, it’s important to take the time to let them know that you still care about them and appreciate the support they give you.

Acknowledge their feelings and make sure to show them that you are still there for them just as much as before.


As you can see there many interpretations of The 6 Of Cups depending on how it was draw, and what you were asking your tarot deck.

I hope you have found something that calls to you, and that you can take forward with your practice

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