3 Of Swords And Love Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What 3 Of Swords Means For Your Love Life

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 18 January 2023
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Finding meaning in your tarot readings can be tricky. This is especially true for love. Understanding what The 3 Of Swords card means in regards to your love can be hard to decipher, however there are some interpretations that you may need to be aware of.

In this guide I hope to show you some of the common interpretations of The 3 Of Swords, in a variety of settings and subjects!

The meaning of a card can change depending on whether you drew it upright, or reversed, so I will cover both instances, as the meanings can vary wildly!

Lets take a closer look at The 3 Of Swords.

3 Of Swords And Love Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What 3 Of Swords Means For Your Love Life

3 Of Swords And Love – An Overview

The 3 Of Swords tarot card is a symbol of heartbreak, divorce, loss, depression and even surgery.

It is an indication that the health of an individual is on the decline and that they are going through a difficult time.

It may represent physical or emotional surgery and the grief and pain that comes with it.

It serves as a reminder that a person must take care of their health and wellbeing both physically and emotionally.

The card emphasizes the importance of self-care, self-love and taking time to heal.

As hard as it can be, it is important to take the time and energy to recover and find peace and balance, no matter how hard the journey may be.

Upright Meanings For 3 Of Swords And Love

What It Means For Me

The 3 of Swords tarot card is an indication of heartbreak and pain in love.

It suggests that a relationship has been broken, possibly due to a major betrayal or misunderstanding.

It can also indicate the end of a marriage or a deep sense of loss due to the death of a loved one.

This card can be a warning that the heartbreak of a love gone wrong has the potential to lead to depression.

It is a reminder to take care of yourself during a difficult time and to find strength in the healing process.

What It Means For The Future

The 3 of Swords tarot card is a warning that my future love may be troubled by heartbreak, loss, depression, and even the possibility of divorce.

It may also indicate that I will have to go through a difficult time in order to open my heart to new love.

I may need to be prepared to face difficult emotions and to accept the reality of the situation.

Despite the pain that the 3 of Swords may bring, there is still hope for the future.

The card may also suggest that the pain of the past can be healed and that I can find a loving and healthy relationship if I am willing to open my heart and trust again.

What It Means For Those Close To You

The 3 of Swords tarot card is a reminder that love can still be found even in the darkest of times.

It highlights the pain and sadness associated with heartbreak, divorce, or loss of a loved one, but also offers hope that even in the depths of despair, love can be found again.

This card is a reminder to be kind to those close to us, to support them in times of difficulty, and to never give up on love.

It is a reminder that while life may be hard, there is still joy to be found in our relationships with others.

With patience and understanding, we can work through whatever difficult situation may arise, and come out stronger and more connected than ever before.

Reversed Meanings For 3 Of Swords And Love

What It Means For Me

When the Three of Swords tarot card appears reversed in a reading, it often signals a healing of the heart.

It can indicate a period of emotional recovery from past hurts and trauma, and a new beginning in relationships and romance.

This card suggests that after a period of grief and sadness, you will be able to move on and open your heart again.

The reversed Three of Swords can also suggest a reconciliation of a failed relationship, with the potential to restore its former equilibrium.

It can be a sign that you need to forgive someone who has wronged you, or that you need to forgive yourself for a mistake that you have made.

Your healing journey may involve forgiving and letting go of past pain in order to make space for a new, healthy relationship.

This card can also signify the end of a toxic relationship and the beginning of a healthier one.

The reversed Three of Swords is a reminder that it is possible to break free from the chains of the past and move on to a brighter future.

It is a sign that not all hope is lost and that a relationship can survive even the most painful of times.

This card encourages you to take the time to heal and to open your heart again to love.

What It Means For The Future

The reversed Three of Swords tarot card can mean a variety of things when it comes to love.

In general, it can be interpreted as a sign of a fresh start in relationships and a newfound love.

In this context, it could be an indication that a new relationship is just around the corner.

The reversed Three of Swords card is a sign that a period of healing is coming, and that a new relationship may be just the thing to help you move on from the past.

This card suggests that you may meet someone unexpected and mysterious who will bring a new level of excitement and joy into your life.

This person may challenge you in a positive way, helping you to grow and evolve into the person you’ve always wanted to be.

When it comes to relationships, the reversed Three of Swords card means the end of the heartache and the beginning of something new and wonderful.

This card can indicate that you will be ready to open your heart and mind to new possibilities, and that your new relationship will bring you a newfound joy and happiness.

You may find yourself in an unexpected and happy situation, where you feel safe and secure in a way you never thought possible.

What It Means For Those Close To You

The reversed Three of Swords suggests that the heartbreak, divorce, loss, depression and surgery of those close to me may be coming to an end.

This card suggests that the worst has already passed, and a new beginning is on the horizon.

It implies that a new chapter of love and healing is beginning and that there is strength and courage to get through the difficult times.

This card also tells us that the love of those close to us will be stronger than ever before, as the pain and suffering of the past has been overcome.

It is a reminder that love and healing can be found in the most unlikely places, and that it is never too late to find peace and acceptance.

This card suggests that those close to me will find the courage and strength to move forward and that any heartache and loss can be healed in time.


As you can see there many interpretations of The 3 Of Swords depending on how it was draw, and what you were asking your tarot deck.

I hope you have found something that calls to you, and that you can take forward with your practice

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