10 Of Swords And Health Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What 10 Of Swords Means For Your Health

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 18 January 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Finding meaning in your tarot readings can be tricky. This is especially true for health. Understanding what The 10 Of Swords card means in regards to your health can be hard to decipher, however there are some interpretations that you may need to be aware of.

In this guide I hope to show you some of the common interpretations of The 10 Of Swords, in a variety of settings and subjects!

The meaning of a card can change depending on whether you drew it upright, or reversed, so I will cover both instances, as the meanings can vary wildly!

Lets take a closer look at The 10 Of Swords.

10 Of Swords And Health Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What 10 Of Swords Means For Your Health

10 Of Swords And Health – An Overview

The 10 Of Swords is a powerful reminder that health is a journey and that sometimes it can reach an unavoidable, yet complete and painful ending.

It can represent physical, mental and emotional exhaustion and the sense of being at rock bottom.

It encourages us to take a step back and recognize our limitations, and to take the necessary time and resources to rest and heal.

It may also be a sign of coming out of the darkness and the start of a new chapter.

This card can be a powerful reminder that health is a process and that we must be mindful of our limitations in order to find balance.

Upright Meanings For 10 Of Swords And Health

What It Means For Me

The 10 Of Swords tarot card can represent a painful and complete ending in regards to health.

It can signify a point of rock bottom for the individual, where there is no other choice but to accept the harsh reality.

The card can indicate that a person has reached the absolute worst point in their health journey and that no matter how hard they have been trying, it has not been enough.

It may mean that it is time to accept the circumstances and focus on trying to pick up the pieces and move forward in a healthy direction.

It is a difficult card to interpret, but it may be a sign that a person should take a step back and reassess what they are doing and make the necessary changes to ensure they are taking care of their mental and physical health.

What It Means For The Future

The 10 of Swords tarot card suggests that your future health may experience a complete and painful ending, potentially leading to rock bottom.

This could mean that your current health issues might worsen and you may experience a period of physical or emotional pain and suffering.

It could be a sign of a difficult health battle ahead of you, but also a reminder that rock bottom is not the end of the story.

It is important to stay hopeful and to take care of yourself as much as you can during this difficult time.

With patience and perseverance, you will be able to make it through this difficult period and come out on the other side a stronger, healthier version of yourself.

What It Means For Those Close To You

The 10 of Swords tarot card is an indication that the health of those close to me may be in a precarious state.

It suggests that things have reached a critical point and that any further deterioration could lead to a complete and painful ending.

It is a warning that the situation must be addressed quickly, as it may be too late by the time the problem is discovered.

This card can also suggest that the health of those close to me has reached its lowest point, leaving them feeling helpless and defeated.

The 10 of Swords tarot card is a wake-up call to take action and support those close to me before it is too late.

Reversed Meanings For 10 Of Swords And Health

What It Means For Me

When the 10 of Swords tarot card is reversed, it can indicate a sense of hope and renewal in regards to health.

This card suggests that, although a person may have recently experienced a difficult situation related to their health, they can look forward to a new beginning and a period of healing.

It suggests that, despite the painful and seemingly complete ending, the person can still find a way to recover and move on in a healthier direction.

Receiving the reversed 10 of Swords in a reading about health can be a sign that a person may have gone through a difficult time and reached rock bottom, but that they have the inner strength to heal and recover from the experience.

It is a reminder that hope is still alive, and that things can get better.

The 10 of Swords reversed encourages the person to look at their current state, not with despair, but with optimism and determination to create a new and healthier future.

It promotes the idea that even if things seem chaotic and out of control at the moment, the person can still choose to focus on their growth, healing, and recovery.

What It Means For The Future

The reversed 10 of Swords in a health context can represent a hopeful new beginning.

It can symbolize a time where you have hit rock bottom and are now looking for a way forward.

It can represent a period of healing, of coming to terms with your physical and mental health and of learning to take care of yourself.

It can signify a period of letting go of unhealthy habits, patterns, and thoughts and of embracing new, more positive ones.

It can suggest that you have reached the end of a difficult and painful time, that you are slowly but surely recovering, and that you have the strength to continue to heal.

The reversed 10 of Swords can encourage you to seek out help and support in your recovery, to look out for yourself, and to be kind to yourself.

It can mean that although you may have been through a tough time, you are still capable of making a full recovery, and that you should take the time to nurture yourself and your wellbeing.

What It Means For Those Close To You

When The 10 Of Swords is reversed, it suggests that the health-related issues that have been causing distress or pain may have reached a point of resolution.

It is a sign that one’s health is on the mend and that a new beginning is just around the corner.

This card can also suggest that one should take time for self-reflection and self-care, as this can be a time of healing and renewal.

Reversed The 10 Of Swords can also represent a breakthrough in terms of health.

This could be a sign that a chronic condition, such as depression or anxiety, is beginning to shift and improve, or that a difficult course of treatment is nearing an end.

This card is an indication that even though the current situation may feel unbearable, it can be used as a catalyst for positive change and growth.

Taking time to rest and reflect on the journey so far is key to recharging and finding the strength to carry on.


As you can see there many interpretations of The 10 Of Swords depending on how it was draw, and what you were asking your tarot deck.

I hope you have found something that calls to you, and that you can take forward with your practice

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