How To Increase The Chance of Drawing a Specific Tarot Card | A Complete guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When drawing tarot cards for a reading, you usually have an outcome you hope for, even if only subconsciously. But is there a way to ensure that the card you want will come into play?

Experts say there are a few ways to control the way the cards fall. Energy Affinities, handling and shuffling technique, and the way you frame your questions can all influence your chances of drawing specific cards.

How To Increase The Chance of Drawing a Specific Tarot Card

How Does Energy Affinity Work for Me?

When you handle tarot cards for a long time, they’ll gradually begin to absorb your energy.

Whether it’s subconscious habits, or cards you’re drawn to, patterns become apparent in the cards.

If there’s a card that feels significant to you, handle it more often. Become familiar with the feel of it. Attune yourself to it.

Over time, you’re likely to find yourself selecting that card more often. Your hand will be drawn to the familiarity of that specific card among the 78.

What If I’m Doing a Reading for Someone Else?

If you’re doing a reading for someone else, you may not want your own affinities affecting the outcome. Depending on how much you’ve used your deck for personal readings, you can take a couple of different options.

Cleanse Your Deck:

If it’s not a heavily attuned deck, or one you use often, you can cleanse the deck of your influence. There are a number of methods you can use for this, so you can choose the method that works best for you.

Use a Different Deck:

If your deck is heavily attuned to you, to the point where you aren’t sure if it will influence your readings, then you may want to use a different deck.

A different deck may not feel as accurate or as comfortable, but it can give you a less biased reading.

Attune the Cards to Your Subject:

Whether you cleanse the deck or choose a different one, you should allow your subject to handle the cards and establish their own affinities.

Ask them to shuffle, or to draw cards that feel relevant to them, to establish which cards are significant.

Does A Certain Method of Handling Affect the Outcome?

Experts say that using the proper hand to shuffle and draw the cards can affect the outcome.

Some experts say to use the dominant hand, whether it’s your right or left, because that hand channels your energy most often.

Some experts say it’s better to use your left hand, even if it’s not your dominant hand. The left hand is often considered the more intuitive hand, due in part to it’s longstanding identification as the ‘heart hand’.

You may want to experiment with different methods to find out which one works best for you.

What About the Affect of Shuffling and Card Placement?

There are many tarot card readers who shuffle their cards a certain way, or prefer a certain method of handling the deck when performing a reading.

Others may store or sort their deck in a certain manner, rather like a regular card player who may sort their decks into suits before begnning a game.

Storing, sorting or shuffling your deck in a certain manner may help increase your chances of drawing a specific card. With the pattern of movements, you develop an awareness of the general locations of cards in the deck.

As you prepare to draw, this awareness comes into play, and leads your hand to the general vicinity of the card you are looking for.

For Example:

Say you count your cards out into Major Arcana, and the Four Suits. Then you stack them all together, shuffle twice, cut once, and shuffle again.

If you’re focusing on one card, say, the Ace of Swords, then your mind will unconsciously track where it goes in the deck, and where it moves.

When you go to draw a card, your mind will automatically draw you to that location.

Choosing Specific Questions and Cards:

Tarot works best with questions that aren’t too vague.

At the same time, you can influence the results somewhat by framing the question in specific ways that place more emphasis on certain cards.

For example, Pentacles is often considered the suit for Financial Status. So if you’re wondering about the state of your finances in the future, you might focus more on Pentacles when you prepare to draw.

If you’re looking for major influences in life, you might find yourself gravitating more toward the Major Arcana.

How you frame a question will influence your subconscious focus and where your intuition and attention goes.

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