Death And Spiritual Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What Death Means For Your Spirituality

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 18 January 2023
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Finding meaning in your tarot readings can be tricky. This is especially true for spirituality. Understanding what The Death card means in regards to your spirituality can be hard to decipher, however there are some interpretations that you may need to be aware of.

In this guide I hope to show you some of the common interpretations of The Death, in a variety of settings and subjects!

The meaning of a card can change depending on whether you drew it upright, or reversed, so I will cover both instances, as the meanings can vary wildly!

Lets take a closer look at The Death.

Death And Spiritual Meanings | A Deep Dive Into What Death Means For Your Spirituality

Death And Sprituality – An Overview

The Death tarot card is a powerful symbol of endings and transitions, which is often interpreted as a positive sign of new beginnings.

In terms of health, this card can suggest that it is time for a transformative change in one’s lifestyle, or a new approach to health and wellness.

It may signify the end of a health issue, or the need for an individual to move on from old habits or unhealthy patterns.

It can also be a call to take the necessary steps to create a healthier life, from taking up a new exercise regimen or diet to improving one’s mental health.

Ultimately, The Death tarot card is a reminder to embrace change and to look at it as an opportunity for growth, as it can lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Upright Meanings For Death And Spirituality

What It Means For Me

The Death tarot card can be a difficult one to read, as it speaks of big changes and endings, but it also speaks of rebirth and transformation.

For me, it symbolizes a spiritual shift in my life, a time to let go of the things that no longer serve me and to embrace something new.

The Death card reminds me of the cycle of death and rebirth, and how this cycle is essential for spiritual growth and transformation.

It also serves as a reminder of the impermanence of life and the importance of living in the moment, not taking life for granted.

By recognizing death’s importance, I can learn to move forward in my spiritual journey with greater awareness and appreciation for the present moment.

What It Means For The Future

The Death tarot card is a reminder that big changes are on the horizon for me and my spirituality.

It signifies that the time has come for me to let go of the old and make way for the new.

It is a call for a transformation of my spiritual life, and a reminder that death is a part of life.

Even though the card may be seen as a symbol of fear, it can also be a symbol of hope and rebirth.

The Death tarot card encourages me to look forward to the possibilities that lie ahead and to keep faith in my journey.

It is a reminder that endings are a part of spiritual growth, and that embracing change is the only way to move forward.

What It Means For Those Close To You

The Death tarot card can be seen as a spiritual representation of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

It symbolizes the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, which can be interpreted as a spiritual transformation that is often necessary in order to move forward.

People close to me can take comfort in knowing that any changes they are going through are part of a larger cycle of life, and that the end of one cycle is really just the beginning of another.

The Death card can also be a reminder to let go of what no longer serves us, both emotionally and spiritually, in order to create space for new possibilities in our lives.

Reversed Meanings For Death And Spirituality

What It Means For Me

When The Death tarot card is reversed, it typically indicates that a spiritual transformation is occurring.

This could mean that the querent is going through a period of intense personal growth, releasing old patterns and behaviors and embracing new ones.

It is likely that this transformation is taking place on a soul level, as the querent is being pushed to expand their spiritual awareness and connection to the divine.

The reversed Death can also mean that endings are coming, but that they are not necessarily bad.

Rather, these endings may be the catalyst for something new and better to take their place.

The querent may be ready to move on from certain people or situations, which can be both liberating and frightening.

This card encourages the querent to trust in the process, as they may be surprised by the opportunities that open up when they release what no longer serves them.

Ultimately, The Death reversed is a reminder that we can choose to embrace the cycles of life and death, and use them as a source of spiritual growth.

During times of endings and transition, it is important to remain open and curious, allowing ourselves to be transformed for the better.

What It Means For The Future

The reversed Death tarot card may be indicative of a spiritual awakening in your near future.

This could mean that you are ready to break free of any old assumptions or beliefs and start exploring the depths of your spiritual side.

You may feel ready to begin on a journey of self-discovery and find out who you truly are and what your purpose is in life.

This card could also signify a period of rebirth and renewal for you.

You may be ready to let go of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back and start fresh with a new outlook on life.

As you explore your spiritual side, you may experience a newfound sense of clarity and a deeper understanding of the world around you.

You could also come to a greater appreciation for the power of the Universe and gain a newfound appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

With this newfound outlook, you may find yourself more willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance on new opportunities that could help you experience more joy and fulfillment in life.

What It Means For Those Close To You

When The Death tarot card appears in its reversed position, it can indicate that the spiritual transformation or rebirth of those close to you is being delayed.

This is often because of a fear of change or a lack of understanding of the process.

Those close to you may be struggling to accept the idea of a spiritual transformation, instead choosing to remain in their current state of being.

This delay in spiritual transformation can cause a great deal of pain and frustration for those close to you.

It can also be a sign that they are not fully ready to accept and understand the changes to come.

This can manifest as a fear of the unknown, an unwillingness to let go of the familiar, or a lack of understanding of the spiritual process.

Ultimately, they need to accept that sometimes change can be a difficult but necessary process to reach a higher level of spirituality.

The reversed Death tarot card is a reminder that no matter how hard the process may seem, it is important to be patient and supportive of those close to you as they go through this challenging but necessary transformation.

With love and understanding, they can eventually reach the spiritual awakening they need to make lasting and meaningful changes.


As you can see there many interpretations of The Death depending on how it was draw, and what you were asking your tarot deck.

I hope you have found something that calls to you, and that you can take forward with your practice

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