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  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.

The first thing people need to realize when reading tarot cards that indicate “new beginnings” is that this term can mean something good or something not-so-good.

In other words, “new beginnings” isn’t always indicative of positive changes in a person’s life.

Often, it means simply a change in that person’s life, and sometimes the change is neutral or even something that you don’t want to hear. Tarot cards that indicate “new beginnings” include the Fool’s card, the Death card, the Judgement card, and all of the Ace cards.

Each of the cards means something different, but fortunately, they are easy to learn.

What Tarot Card Means New Beginnings?

What Tarot Card Means New Beginnings?

The following cards are considered to mean “new beginnings:

  • The Fool Card
  • The Death Card
  • The Judgement Card
  • The Ace of Swords Card
  • The Ace of Wands Card

New Beginnings: The Possibilities Are Endless

When you turn over a “new beginnings” card, it could mean several things for you, including:

  • The end of something
  • The beginning of something (job, relationship, and so on)
  • A sudden change in life
  • A change in the your inner emotions
  • All sorts of new opportunities (both good and bad)
  • Deciding whether the new beginning will be good or bad is really up to you, the reader. Your specific situation and circumstances contribute to the end results, which could mean that you have something to look forward to or a unique challenge on the way.

Let’s take a look at some of the tarot cards mentioned earlier.

The Fool Card

With the Fool’s card, new beginnings will shine for you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a say-so in what is going to happen next.

This card, above all else, indicates that it is up to you to research their options thoroughly so that the right decisions can be made. The new beginnings associated with the Fool’s card mean that you could end up in a situation that makes them feel like the king of the kingdom or the lowest pauper.

The Fool’s card can also mean that you are somewhat on the naive side and can be easily swayed by lots of things, which means they can possibly make the wrong decision in the end.

The best advice for you is to stay focused on your true goal, regardless of what that goal is, and to stay positive until their goals are reached. A fresh start, that is, a truly new beginning could be in the works for you, but it’s largely up to you what type of start or new beginning the cards are referring to.

The Death Card

Despite its name, the Death card doesn’t mean you are going to die. “Death” in tarot cards simply means the end of something. It essentially means that one door will close for you so that another one opens.

It usually means the end of a relationship or partnership and that you will be standing on his or her own two feet for a while. It also means they’ll become more responsible and more self-aware because they are on their own.

If the relationship they’re in is a negative one, the Death card signals a truly new beginning because you can move forward and work toward what they want in life instead of being held back by an unproductive relationship.

The Judgement Card

The Judgement card signals a new phase in your life, one where they are awakened, so to speak, and are willing to forget about their past mistakes, which means they have a whole new outlook on the future.

In a sense, the Judgement card means you are going to be reborn because they are ready to shed their old skin and grow new skin so that they can march into the future with confidence. You now has better judgement skills, wisdom, and decision-making skills and therefore is happy about the future.

This rebirth and renewal process means you are going to be a better person as well, and they aren’t going to let this new attitude be affected by past mistakes and wrongdoings.

The Ace of Swords Card

The Ace of Swords card also means a new beginning and means you will take a bold step that is going to change your life completely.

The “opportunity of a lifetime” is also possible when you draw this card because it means the kick-start of a brand-new life that is completely different from the one you have led so far. It also means new bonds and new relationships will likely be formed – relationships that are positive and help you fulfil goals.

The Ace of Swords card can also mean your life will be much better in terms of both health and wealth. They become much clearer on their goals and their life in general and will likely start making a lot of money as well. You will love this card!

The Ace of Wands Card

The Ace of Wands is considered a minor card but still indicates new beginnings for you. It usually means they’ll get some great news and be presented with a great opportunity that could impact the rest of their life. The opportunity could be either personal or professional. In both cases, you can look forward to being rewarded for what they’ve done in the past by getting the opportunity to experience something phenomenal.

Think of the Ace of Wands as a way for you to find and enjoy a brand-new hobby or passion that can change your life for the better. With this card, you will find their true potential and use it to benefit both themselves and possibly others.

They can move onto this opportunity with confidence because unlike some cards you may pull, the Ace of Wands indicates something positive is going to happen in your life. This positive change, in return, is going to make them a much better person all the way around.


Often you will love getting a “new beginnings” card, even though you’ll have to explain that just because the word “new” is in there doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be something good. Nevertheless, a new beginning is usually a good thing, and change in any form should be appreciated.

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