What Tarot Card Means Moving House? ANSWERED | Helpful Tarot Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Many people dream about living in their dream home someday, so if you’re reading tarot cards for yourself or someone else, you might wonder which card will bring you some good news when it comes to moving to a new or better home.

What Tarot Cards Mean Moving House? | Helpful Tarot Guide

The truth is that there are typically four cards that can indicate a move for the person being read to or some other type of property-related issue that that person will likely consider important. If you – or your client – is wanting to know about moving house or relocating and finding the home of their dreams, you might want to pay special attention to the following four cards.

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What tarot cards mean “Moving House”?

  1. The Empress
  2. The Five of Pentacles
  3. The Four of Wands
  4. The Three of Pentacles

Lets look at each one in more detail.

1. The Empress

The Empress is connected with nature; most often, she pops up in matters related to either pregnancy or financial abundance. But she’ll also appear on the scene when someone is trying to decide whether or not to move into another house or is actively looking to move somewhere else.

When you pull the card of the Empress, you’ll notice that she looks very comfortable and relaxed. This often means that the client is going to indeed find that dream house, and it’s likely that the house will be found in a beautiful location out in the country somewhere. In fact, when you pull this card, it might even mean that the client is going to find such a great home that they’ll be in it for a lifetime.

2. The Five of Pentacles

While this card could very well indicate a new home, keep in mind that it is a bleak card often associated with loss of finances or even status. If you pull this card, it could mean that your client is going to find a great home, but it will be under some negative circumstances.

Your client could find that home only because someone else had to file bankruptcy and leave it to get repossessed. It may also mean that before the client finds their dream home, they’ll need to review their finances carefully so they don’t overextend themselves. Finally, the Five of Pentacles can also symbolize a religious building, which means that the client could find their new home to be close to a church or synagogue.

3. The Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is a very positive, happy card. When you pull this card, it usually means a bright, happy future for the client. Your client can look forward to settling into a new home that suits them perfectly. It means great neighbors, the perfect location, and all-around good vibes from that point on.

The Four of Wands also symbolizes a big celebration, which could mean that once the client moves into the new home, there is going to be a huge house-warming party. All the way around, this is an upbeat card that usually means that some great things are going to happen to your client.

4. The Three of Pentacles

On the Three of Pentacles card, you’ll notice three people or figures standing outside of a home. They are discussing something together, but what is it? There are several possibilities when it comes to this card.

First, it could symbolize that major renovations are necessary for the house that will eventually be purchased by the client. This could include adding onto a structure, updating it and changing the entire look of a structure, or renovating the property from scratch and making sure it is modern-looking. But these changes will not necessarily have to be made right when the house is bought. They could very well mean that the major renovations will come at a later date. As you can see, the card you pull doesn’t necessarily mean that a home purchase is coming soon, that the house will be the client’s dream house, or that it won’t come with the need for some renovations or a look at the client’s financial situation. That being said, these four cards can tell you a lot about your clients and their desire to own a home or relocate to another one.


Buying a home is part of the American dream, and when tarot reading clients are interested in knowing if a new home is in their future, you can look for one of the four cards mentioned above and tell them what they need to know. These cards are quite explicit in their details and can be a joy to reveal to your clients. Once you get used to the cards, they are easy to read, and nothing will make you feel better than knowing that you can give your clients the answers they’ve been looking for when it comes to owning a home of their own. Moving house tarot cards can actually be some of the cards you look forward to the most each time you do a reading for someone.

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