Should I Put My Tarot Cards Back In Order? ANSWERED | Helpful Tarot Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 4 min.

When you’re a tarot card reader, you may want to have the cards in a certain order before you get started with another reading. In reality, there is a specific order for the cards to be in for “spiritual” and cleansing reasons, but to do a reading, tarot cards can be in any order you like.

Most people will shuffle the deck before starting a reading or make sure the cards that were drawn in a previous reading are put back in the middle or at the end of the deck so the deck is in a different order for the next reading. Other than that, different tarot card readers adhere to different policies and practices when it comes to putting the cards in the right order, so the answer to this question will depend on who you talk to.

Should I Put My Tarot Cards Back In Order?

Should I Put My Tarot Cards Back In Order? | Helpful Tarot Guide

Yes, it is often best to put your tarot cards back in numerical order. However, it is certainly not “wrong” if you don’t. Like many things with tarot, it will come down to your personal preference.

A Certain Order for Your Tarot Cards

If you follow the qabalistic philosophy of the four worlds, the order of the elements will be fire, water, air, and earth. This means that the correct order of your cards should be wands (fire), cups (water), swords (air), and coins (earth). Naturally, this doesn’t mean the cards have to be in this exact order before every single reading. Many beginning and experienced tarot card readers practice different rules when it comes to putting their tarot cards back in order when they’re finished with a reading. Below are some of the comments these people have made.

  • No need to put the cards back in place. It’s too much of a hassle.
  • There are no set rules for tarot.
  • Do what you feel is right.
  • I leave mine random.
  • I put the ones used in the last reading in various parts of the deck.
  • Continuously shuffling the cards is all you need to do.
  • Putting the cards in order makes you realize immediately if you have one missing.
  • It’s a good idea to put the cards in the right order if someone with bad “vibes” previously touched the deck.
  • Putting tarot cards in the right order after a reading is also good when you’ve had a lot of readings in a row.

As you can see, different tarot card readers have different reasons for putting their cards back in order – or leaving them in that order – after they have done several readings. Although putting the cards back in their “right” order might be considered advantageous to many card readers, the truth is that doing so is simply not necessary.

There are numerous reasons why some people think they should reorder their cards after every reading, with the main one being to get rid of any leftover negative energy that might’ve been a part of the previous customer’s psyche. Let’s face it, this is not only unnecessary but impractical as well, especially if you’re doing reading after reading in a short period of time.

One of the advantages, however, is that every time you put your tarot cards in order, you learn a little more about the cards and about the entire tarot card reading process.

Respect the Cards

Tarot cards are more than just a deck of cards, as all readers know. At one time, there were many old wives’ tales about making sure you keep your tarot cards under your pillow, wrapping them in silk, or even cleaning them in the moonlight whenever they weren’t being used, but that’s all this is – an old wives’ tale. While you should treat your tarot cards with respect and learn from them whenever you can, you do not have to keep them in a certain order at all times or treat them with kid gloves. Just make sure you use them properly and you should be all right.


So, in answer to the question, should I put my tarot cards back in order before doing another reading, the answer is usually, it depends on your own personal preferences. Putting tarot cards back in order certainly doesn’t do any harm, but neither does leaving the cards in the same order they came to be after a reading. As you can tell from reading some of the comments above, there are lots of reasons for people to put their tarot cards back in order, at least occasionally. In the end, though, it’s really up to you to decide if doing this, and how often to do it, is right for you.

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