How To Cleanse Tarot Cards After Someone Has Touched Them | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece
  • Date: 20 February 2023
  • Time to read: 6 min.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming that you own a set of tarot cards or are thinking about getting them. That’s awesome! Tarot can be such a useful tool for gaining insight into your life and many people find it to be a helpful way to understand themselves and others better.

But there is the potential problem… Fortunately, the answer is pretty simple. It is not recommended to let other people handle your cards because they can leave their energy on them.

This can make it harder to interpret the cards if you ever use them again or simply because they will feel off when reading them yourself.

So how do we cleanse our tarot cards? Let’s take a look at some different methods and what works well for each one individually.

Light Cleansing

The simplest way to cleanse your tarot card deck is to create a light cleansing ritual. Light cleansing is a ritual that is generally done alone and does not require a lot of time or effort. At the same time, light cleansing rituals are not always a quick fix.

They rely on intention and the power of the mind to clear or reprogram your cards. If you have ever tried to reprogram a computer or a cellphone, then you know it is not an instantaneous process.

The easiest way to light cleanse your cards is to follow the steps below. You can do this while they are in their box or out on a table.

  • Start by visualizing a white light surrounding you and the cards.
  • Visualize this light cleansing the cards and removing any negative energy.
  • End the ritual by thanking the cards for being a part of your life.

Full Cleansing

Full cleansing is a more involved process, but it is also the best way to completely reset your cards. Full cleansing is a process that requires you to take your cards out of their box and physically cleanse them with water or other cleansing agents.

You may also want to consider a full cleansing ritual where you can reflect on the cards and the purpose of their use. The best way to do this is to create a ritual that is both physically and emotionally cleansing.

This ritual can involve burning incense, using crystals, meditating, or any other act that brings you closer to your desired cleanse.

After you have physically cleansed your cards and finished with your ritual, you can place your cards back in their box and on a table to air dry.

This can take a few hours depending on how wet your cards are.

Dark Tarot Card Cleansing

During a dark tarot card cleansing, you leave your cards in the dark for a period of time. While some people suggest leaving them in the dark for a whole month, you might want to start with a week or so before deciding if you want to leave them longer.

The idea behind this method is that darkness is the absence of light. It is also the absence of energy. By leaving your cards in the dark for a period of time, you are physically removing their energy and letting them rest so that they can be fully energized again once you bring them out of the dark.

While you have your cards in the dark, you may want to avoid thinking about the cards. This will help them to fully reset their energy. You may also want to avoid any activities that involve bright lights like watching TV or using a computer.

You may want to use a candle to create a dark environment if you’re in a well-lit room already.

Salt Cleansing

Salt cleansing is another physical way to cleanse your cards. It’s similar to the salt cleansing method used to cleanse crystals, but it can be used on tarot cards as well.

All you need to do is get a bowl of water and add salt until the water is fully saturated. You can use a different amount of salt depending on the size of your cards. Once your water and salt mixture is ready, you can fully submerge your cards in the water.

You can let them sit for an hour or so before bringing them out to dry. Make sure that your cards are fully dry before putting them back in their box.

Leaving them wet can cause damage to the cards.

White Candle Cleansing

White candle cleansing is similar to the dark cleansing method where you take your cards out of their box and put them in a dark area.

The difference is that you’re using a white candle to provide light while your cards are in the dark. The idea behind this cleansing method is that white light is the complete opposite of darkness. It is pure and completely cleansed of energy.

You can use this to reset your cards and let them start fresh with a new energy. You can either keep your cards in the dark for an hour or two or leave them in the dark overnight.

White candles can be found at almost any store that sells candles. They can be expensive compared to other cleansing agents, but they are effective and can be reused for future cleansings.

You may want to use a white candle for this method if you have a set of cards that you use often.

White Sage Cleansing

This cleansing method is a bit different from the others. You’ll need to go outside to do this cleansing method, but it is very effective. If you have access to a garden or even a porch, you can use white sage to cleanse your cards.

You’ll need to get a bundle of white sage and light it. You can also use incense if you don’t have sage.

Then, you can use the smoke from the burning herbs to cleanse your cards. Hold your cards above the smoke and walk around while doing so. Make sure that you are moving as you do this to ensure even coverage.

This cleansing method can be done in as little as five minutes and is effective because you are physically using the smoke from the burning herbs to cleanse your cards.

Exorcism and Repossession

The last way to cleanse your tarot cards is to do an exorcism or repossession. Exorcism is the practice of removing negative energy and entities from a person, place, or thing.

A repossession is when you physically take control of your cards back from the other energy that they have been holding onto. You can do this by visualizing a bright light surrounding your cards and the negative energy being pushed away.

You can also use crystals to do this as they are known to repel negative energy. If you want to repossess your cards, then you can physically take them back.

You can either hold them as you visualize them being back in your control or you can hold them as you say something like, “This is my deck and no one else is touching it.”


There are many different ways to cleanse your tarot cards and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Light cleansing is the simplest method to use and can be done whenever you feel the need. Full cleansing is the best way to reset your cards and is often done before a new reading or when you feel that your cards need a reset.

Dark cleansing is done by leaving your cards in an area without light or energy for a period of time. Salt cleansing is done by fully submersing your cards in salt water and drying them off after.

White candle cleansing is done by burning a white candle while your cards are in an area without light.

White sage cleansing is done by burning white sage and using the smoke to cleanse your cards.

Exorcism and repossession are more intense methods of cleansing your cards and are often done when other methods have failed.

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